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Pay, pack and follow…the trials of the ‘trailing spouse’
“Pay, pack and follow at your convenience” wrote Victorian explorer Richard Burton in a telegram to his wife Isabel, as[...]
The Best Countries for Expats
Prior to taking steps to move to a new country, you need to stop and really think long and hard[...]
10 tips on how to manage a diverse workforce
The benefits of a diverse workforce Today’s workplaces are highly diverse. People of different generations, cultures, genders and faiths are[...]

Global Etiquette

Business Etiquette Around the World (Infographic)
No matter where you travel on business, you are guaranteed to encounter unique customs that govern how business is done[...]
A squeamish traveller’s guide to weird and wonderful foods
Eating across cultures Would you chop up a sheep’s head, or munch on a piece of rotting fish? Business entertaining[...]


Access our infograph series on global business etiquette and gain cultural insights for the biggest international markets.



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How to develop your cultural curiosity
Without cultural curiosity we are closed to learning about others who are different from ourselves. In global business, this results[...]
How cross-cultural training can improve the productivity of an organization
Productivity through cultural intelligence Numerous studies in the last five years have discovered that a lack of cross-cultural understanding can[...]

Video Coach

The Netherlands: A cultural video guide
A cultural guide to the Netherlands We are pleased to announce we have just added an in-depth guide to the Netherlands culture[...]
Video guide to Australia
A cultural guide to Australia We are pleased to announce we have just added an in-depth guide to Australian culture[...]
Four ways of building team spirit
This short video covers four ways of generating positive feelings between the members of a virtual, cross-cultural team, and so[...]

Travel and Living

The do’s and don’ts of greetings around the world
Every culture has a unique way of greeting people Shaking hands may seem like a perfectly normal way of greeting a business[...]
Cultural intelligence of Christmas holidays around the world
Christmas is almost here and in Christian countries across the globe, work is winding down as the party season is[...]
Party planning across cultures: 16 do’s and don’ts  
Hosting a party is stressful enough in your own country, when you know all the people and the protocols. Planning[...]
20 essential tips to pack and travel like a pro
Summer’s here and the world – or the northern hemisphere, at least – is on holiday. So if you’re traveling[...]
Busting jet lag: 14 ways to arrive – and stay – in better shape
All frequent flyers have their own techniques for minimizing jet lag, which when it strikes, is miserable: waking up at[...]

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