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15 cultural differences between USA and Australia
USA and Australia have many things in common, some obvious, some more subtle. Both are large land masses, both predominantly[...]
Book Review: Cultural Chemistry by Patti McCarthy
Patti McCarthy is an expatriate & life coach who helps migrants and expatriates to not just survive the experience but[...]
Has expatriate coaching had its day?
The misconceptions of expatriate coaching In the light of all the international travel we do and the huge range of[...]

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5 interesting facts you never knew about the USA
Think you know American culture? Think again! Did you know these interesting facts about America? The current US flag features[...]
5 interesting facts you never knew about SINGAPORE
Think you know Singaporian culture? Think again! Did you know these interesting facts about Singapore? Singapore is very passionate about toilets.[...]

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10 tips for doing business in the USA
Introduction to American business culture You'll make a good first impression in the USA by appearing confident, open, friendly and[...]
10 tips for doing business in Japan
Introduction to Japanese business culture Do your homework on Japanese etiquette, and the structure of the business world. It may[...]


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How cross-cultural training can improve the productivity of an organization
Productivity through cultural intelligence Numerous studies in the last five years have discovered that a lack of cross-cultural understanding can[...]
Case study: When a lack of cultural intelligence leads to business failure
Many companies have been listening to their international customers and finding ways to adapt to cultural sensitivities and tastes.  Johnson[...]

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