Expat Experience: Bruno Ribeiro (Brazil)

By Laura Geaves
14th November 2017

Introducing our new regular feature, Expat Experience. Each time we feature an interview with a international assignee who shares their first hand experiences of expat life….

The 7 habits of highly effective expats

By Patti McCarthy
13th October 2017

Currently 1 in 2 expatriate assignments are terminated early because the employee or their family aren’t happy. What makes the difference between success and failure as an expat? In my experience the happiest expats follow these habits. …

The do’s and don’ts of greetings around the world

By Sue Bryant
24th September 2017

Shaking hands may seem like a perfectly normal way to greet a business contact. Not necessarily, though. What happens if the other person doesn’t offer their hand? Or if you’re a woman in a conservative Muslim culture? Or if your counterpart greets you with a bow? Here’s a quick guide to five situations in which a little business etiquette understanding of different greetings around the world can go a long way….

How to deal with business travel rage

By Sue Bryant
25th June 2017

The reality of business travel If you encounter business travel on a regular basis you will testify that globetrotting for work is no holiday. Things often go wrong. When there is a real fiasco, like a cancelled flight, the default behavior of most travelers is to shout and rage. But the best way to get what […]…

Top 10 tips on getting ready for life as an expat

By Sue Bryant
3rd June 2017

Life as an expat: Are you prepared? Preparing to start a new life abroad is both exciting and stressful. Wading through the admin of renting out your house, sorting medical issues, finding schools for children, redirecting mail and so on is one thing, but preparing emotionally is something completely different. Here are our top 10 […]…