The do’s and don’ts of greetings around the world

By Sue Bryant
9th August 2018

Shaking hands may seem like a perfectly normal way to greet a business contact. Not necessarily, though. What happens if the other person doesn’t offer their hand? Or if you’re a woman in a conservative Muslim culture? Or if your counterpart greets you with a bow? Here’s a quick guide to five situations in which a little business etiquette understanding of different greetings around the world can go a long way….

9 tips on raising children with a global mindset

By Sue Bryant
25th July 2018

Children of today – the Generation Z cohort – will enter the workplace with a very different mindset from their parents and generations before them. These kids are growing up in a world that’s increasingly connected; a world that’s embracing diversity, breaking down traditional barriers and in terms of the ease of travel, shrinking. So how can you equip your child to be prepared for the cross-cultural environment in which they will one day work?

Personal space: Don’t stand too close to me

By Sue Bryant
20th July 2018

When it comes to personal space across cultures our advice is to keep your distance in Canada; prepare for an abrazo (a hug) in Argentina; and if you end up on intimate terms with a Norwegian, don’t shrink away; they like to stand closer than anybody. …

6 superstitions international business people should respect

By Terence Brake
12th July 2018

We all laugh at colleagues who read their horoscopes. But superstitions around the world have a tangible effect on business and on the motivation of workers. Whatever your personal opinion, it is important in any cross-cultural environment to understand how belief systems affect your colleagues, your employees – and your market.

10 tips for reducing business travel stress

By Sue Bryant
6th July 2018

While to those back home, business travel may seem like a perk, there’s no denying that it can be stressful. Hours on the road, delays, jet lag, soulless hotel rooms, difficult meetings, dealing with unfamiliar food and cultures – it’s certainly no holiday. But there are plenty of simple ways to reduce or minimize stress. Here are a few of our top tips….

Drinking etiquette around the world

By Sue Bryant
31st May 2018

Getting into the spirit Raising a glass to toast a new business deal may seem like a simple celebration. Needless to say, it’s more complex than that……