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cultural intelligence
cultural intelligence


Due to Moody’s continued focus on global markets and supporting an increasingly diverse employee and customer base, cultural intelligence is a critical ability for the organisation.

Learning is required at different levels within the business operations to ensure all employees are equipped with the key skills to leverage diversity for maximum benefit. Increasingly matrix-managed, the organisation has defined the skills for managers and teams to perform in complex and diverse environments as key areas of competitive advantage.


Moody’s firstly used Country Navigator with team managers and leaders in order to learn how to inspire global collaboration, manage virtual teams, avoid conflict, and for global strategic planning. As a result, managers have been able to flex their communication styles with team members, ensuring that the message is constructive and understood.

Country Navigator has also been a key component within team building; helping individuals across the organisation to better understand their cultural similarities and differences with colleagues.

What Moody's say

Country Navigator has enabled us to increase our cultural agility and develop as a diverse employer. Our employees have really benefited from the practical advice offered within the tool. It has proved to be a useful learning asset for all levels within the organisation, from established and emerging leaders to team members.

Janice Washington
Talent & Organizational Development

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