Cultural intelligence creates understanding, respect and efficiency across your organization

There is no magic bullet when it comes to ensuring your business becomes a culturally intelligent workforce of the 21st century, but education and practical skills training will go a long way.

Country Navigator is a step-by-step tool, built on a completely personal profile that is unique to you. We aim to educate and form a globally engaged workforce. Using easy-to-digest top tips and culturally aware business strategies, users can begin their cultural awareness journey.​

Unlocking a cross cultural workforce is key to achieving competitive advantage in the workplace

Team collaboration

CEB research found that in a more diverse and inclusive workforce, individual discretionary effort improves by 12%, intent to stay improves by 20%, and team collaboration and commitment improve by about 50%.

Cultural intelligence

Research from the Economic Intelligence Unit and CultureQ found that 70% of international ventures fail because of cultural differences. The higher an individual’s cultural intelligence (CQ), the more likely he or she is to outperform others, gain new opportunities and experience success working in a global context.


McKinsey, leaders in Management Consultancy, reveal companies with diverse management teams perform 35% better than their industry peers.

We offer intercultural training for increased collaboration across diverse teams

People who work in complex structures, different locations, different time-zones, different cultures and who communicate via technology are unlikely to work out how to collaborate well without specific guidance.

Country Navigator enables increased team efficiency and productivity through delivering a deeper understanding of cultural differences and building more inclusive teams.

Effective and engaging learning tools for developing cultural understanding

Cultural comparison tool

Compare cultural behaviors and tendencies with colleagues, teams and other cultures and receive instant guidance on how to collaborate effectively.

Guided country learning paths

Access structured country learning paths to explore a specific culture of interest through a variety of learning assets including videos, tips and quizzes.

100+ country guides

Access in-depth information and expert advice for 100 key international business destinations, with insider tips to build relationships and secure deals around the globe.

Global skills academy

Develop cultural understanding through structured learning paths. Access advice based on your professional needs as a leader, manager or global team worker.

cross cultural training

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