Country Navigator is used by global leaders, international travellers and global assignees across 75% of Fortune 500 companies.

Organizations, individuals and trainers across the world use Country Navigator to:

  • Help their employees work better with their international counterparts
  • Improve relationships with overseas customers and suppliers
  • Enable multicultural and virtual teams
  • On-board expatriates for global assignments

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Our client portfolio

Country Navigator supports global business leaders to develop cultural awareness when managing across borders, be that culturally or virtually.

  • Develop management skills for leading multicultural teams
  • Improve cross-cultural understanding and collaboration when managing virtually

Cross-cultural awareness allows individuals and organizations to appreciate the cultural dynamics of their teams and help them to work together in harmony, creating more productivity and ultimately greater business success.

  • Compare and assess your own cultural tendencies with countries, colleagues and counterparts
  • Understand how to work and communicate effectively across multicultural teams

When embarking on a new international assignment, Country Navigator is the perfect expatriate training tool. Our handy Smartphone app is always on hand to provide you with a deeper understanding of your new host country’s culture.

  • Prepare for your global assignment by learning about the culture
  • Learn how to make a good impression in your target country

In this highly-connected world when it comes to business, every new market becomes a potential target. Emerging markets are often the most exciting to break, but often the barrier to success is a lack of global business etiquette.

  • Learn how to successfully pitch in over 100 countries
  • Build new international relationships with customers and suppliers

Country Navigator complements intercultural training programs, delivering an intuitive and engaging interface for users to assess and manage their individual cultural tendencies and behaviors.

  • Enhance your cultural coaching course with a practical learning resource
  • Provide trainees with an understanding of how to manage cultural differences in a business environment

Cross-cultural training tool

Cultural profiling

A dynamic dashboard reacts to the learner’s usage and guides them to the relevant information.

After the learner has completed the cultural profile assessment, the system will generate the learner’s cultural tendencies and provide them with clear guidance on recognizing differences in others and adapting for success.

Learners can compare themselves to country profiles and receive detailed guidance on how best deal with any differences. They can also compare their own profile with their colleagues or counterparts and receive instant feedback on how to work better together.

Digital learning assets

Country guides

Explore over 100 country guides and learn all about the local business etiquette for over 30 topic areas that will help them to:

  • Make a good impression in the target country
  • Conduct successful meetings and presentations
  • Build international working relationships
  • Understand the economy, business and political situation
  • Get to grips with the local society and language
  • Learn about the geography and receive travel advice

Country briefings

Our Country Briefings take learners through a six-step structured overview of a country. A video quickly gets them up to speed on the local working styles. A gap analysis between the learner and the target country focuses the learner onto the key strategies that they need adopt to manage any cultural differences.

Digital learning courses

Our Global Academy broadens out learning through videos, podcasts, top tips, interactive job aids and audio-visual presentations which are all delivered through a learning wizard and learning paths covering:

  • Leading in a global organization
  • Managing a global team
  • Working in a virtual team
  • Working with other cultures
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