International Women’s Day: 6 tips to empower women in the workplace

By Sue Bryant
7th March 2018

March 8 is International Women’s Day, when the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women are celebrated worldwide. International Women’s Day first took place in 1911, as a result of the suffragette movement, with marches and rallies campaigning for women’s rights to work, vote, be trained and hold public office….

Cultural stereotype or cultural prototype?          

By Sue Bryant
28th February 2018

Why do we make sweeping assumptions when it comes to dealing with other cultures? This is stereotyping, and it’s all too easy to do. Expecting all cultures to exhibit certain behaviors is our way of managing our own expectations of the unknown. We all have a need to categorize others and put them in context. Although a stereotypical view at its worst could be called a prejudice, not all stereotypes are bad, and stereotyping is not necessarily a negative activity. But it is a limiting one. …

Hygge: How to get happy like the Danes

By Sue Bryant
11th January 2018

Danes consider hygge a defining part of their cultural identity. Some even claim this appreciation of cosiness is what makes them top of surveys about the world’s happiest people….

Want to live longer? Move to Italy 

By Sue Bryant
10th July 2017

According to the recently published Bloomberg Global Health Index, Italians have got something right, as they come out top, as the healthiest people in the world. …

13 ways to develop cultural diversity

By Sue Bryant
18th May 2017

The UN’s World Day for Cultural Diversity takes place on 21st May, here are 13 ways to celebrate the day and develop your own cultural awareness….

Failure: Busting the taboo

By Sue Bryant
4th May 2017

Dealing with failure, and learning from it, is in many cases the key to success. Yet understanding failure, and the way it is perceived, is important when working in a cross-cultural environment. Different cultures have completely opposing attitudes to failure….

Humor across cultures

By Sue Bryant
4th April 2017

Humor is extremely useful in a cross-cultural situation. It builds trust and intimacy. Sharing a joke is the best way to break down barriers. Laughter is universal. But if your joke falls flat on its face, either for being inappropriate, or just not funny, newly forged business relationships could be doomed to failure….

Are you in a cultural bubble?

By Terence Brake
24th March 2017

The concept of the ‘filter bubble’ is increasingly well-known after the result of the last US Presidential Election. Here’s our advice on dealing with it….

International food rituals

By Sue Bryant
20th February 2017

Knowledge of international food rituals will help any traveler when abroad. Here are the key festivals to be aware of when traveling across cultures….