How to lead across cultures

By Terence Brake
20th April 2019

In the 1997 I published a book that defined four principles for creating the World-Class Organization…

Expat assignments: The positives and negatives

By Sue Bryant
10th April 2019

The idea of an expat assignment often seems glamorous. Promotion, perks, new friends and adventures. But will a spell abroad actually further your career? There are many benefits, personal and professional, to an overseas placement, but there are caveats, too….

The do’s and don’ts of greetings around the world

By Sue Bryant
3rd April 2019

Shaking hands may seem like a perfectly normal way to greet a business contact. Not necessarily, though. What happens if the other person doesn’t offer their hand? Or if you’re a woman in a conservative Muslim culture? Or if your counterpart greets you with a bow? Here’s a quick guide to five situations in which a little business etiquette understanding of different greetings around the world can go a long way….

How to achieve business success in the US: 10 tips and strategies

By Sue Bryant
25th March 2019

According to the International Labour Organisation, Americans work longer hours than any other developed country – 137 more hours per year than Japanese workers, 260 more hours per year than British workers and 499 more hours per year than French workers. The saying ‘Time is money’ may be a cliché, but it’s no joke. So how do you make a good impression in a country where everything seems to be done in a rush? Here are our top 12 tips.

10 tips for doing business in the USA

By Terence Brake
21st March 2019

Learn all about American business culture with our free guide. Prepare for your international business meetings with Country Navigator….

Can where you live impact your longevity?

By Sue Bryant
16th March 2019

Today’s workplaces are highly diverse. People of different generations, cultures, genders and faiths are thrown together and expected to function as a team. Managers need to be extremely culturally sensitive to get all these people to work in harmony. Simply acknowledging differences is not enough to promote diversity; these differences need to be celebrated, not just tolerated.

The rewards are great; diverse teams have a greater breadth of experience, perspective and approaches to problem-solving. A diverse team may well be an asset, too, in that it is an accurate reflection of your customer base. But how do you achieve a truly inclusive environment in the workplace? Here are 10 suggestions….

Want to live longer? Move to Italy 

By Sue Bryant
12th March 2019

According to the recently published Bloomberg Global Health Index, Italians have got something right, as they come out top, as the healthiest people in the world. …

How to achieve business success in Hong Kong: 10 tips and strategies

By Sue Bryant
10th March 2019

Hong Kong: Bridging the gap Fast paced, busy Hong Kong is the bridge between China and the West. Yet doing business here is not quite the same as it is on the mainland – and at the same time, not as ‘westernized’ as you might think. Hong Kong Chinese are inherently different from those in […]…

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