Denmark: 10 tips for business success when working with Danes

By Sue Bryant
7th May 2019

You will make a good impression in Denmark if you conform and fit in. Don’t try to be different, either in your home, your dress style or your interactions with Danes. Dress smartly and conservatively and adopt a calm demeanour; Danes are not given to vigorous displays of public affection. All decisions are made by consensus and it is important to respect this. Do not go over anybody’s head and involve whole teams in decision-making processes.

Bahrain: 10 tips for business success when working with Bahrainis

By Sue Bryant
7th May 2019

Bahrainis live in a multicultural society and are comfortable dealing with visiting business people. Like other Arabs, they are hospitable and place a great deal of emphasis on an outward expression of politeness and quiet demeanour….

Business meeting etiquette: 12 tips for doing business around the world

By Sue Bryant
1st May 2019

While meetings anywhere in the world have a common goal – to exchange ideas, build relationships, conduct negotiations and make decisions – there are many routes to achieving these goals. Meetings could be rigidly structured, with everybody talking in turn, or chaotic, with animated brainstorming and multiple interruptions. Notions of authority, hierarchy and communication vary from one culture to another, and from one corporate culture to another, so in any situation, a little consideration and understanding of etiquette can go a long way. Here are some general pointers….

The realities of being an expat wife

By Patti McCarthy
28th April 2019

The life for the ‘trailing spouse’ – isolation and loneliness – and sometimes infidelity, these factors cause 42% of expat assignments to fail. …

The 7 habits of highly effective expats

By Patti McCarthy
23rd April 2019

Currently 1 in 2 expatriate assignments are terminated early because the employee or their family aren’t happy. What makes the difference between success and failure as an expat? In my experience the happiest expats follow these habits. …

How to lead across cultures

By Terence Brake
20th April 2019

In the 1997 I published a book that defined four principles for creating the World-Class Organization…

Expat assignments: The positives and negatives

By Sue Bryant
10th April 2019

The idea of an expat assignment often seems glamorous. Promotion, perks, new friends and adventures. But will a spell abroad actually further your career? There are many benefits, personal and professional, to an overseas placement, but there are caveats, too….

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