New to global sales? 9 tips for sales success across cultures

By Sue Bryant
28th June 2019

The world may be shrinking in terms of ease of communication but cultural differences are still highly prominent when it comes to sales techniques. How you navigate the challenges of a local market, understand the behavior of the consumer and interpret the buying psychology of your client will make the difference between success and failure. Here are 9 pointers for anybody who is new to selling across cultures….

10 tips for doing business in China

By Terence Brake
18th June 2019

Learn all about Chinese business culture with our free guide. Prepare for your international business meetings with Country Navigator….

24 tips on how to make a good first impression in China

By Terence Brake
14th June 2019

The single most important factor in making a good impression in China is to build relationships and cultivate them carefully, otherwise known as Guanxi. Building the friendship has to come before business is done; trust has to be in place before a deal can be made. Being smartly dressed, serious, punctual and deferential to elders will also win the respect of the Chinese. Furthermore, be careful in conversation not to make a Chinese person lose face by discussing topics such as Taiwan, Tibet, human rights issues or the growing capitalist culture in Chinese cities….

Top 10 tips on getting ready for life as an expat

By Sue Bryant
9th June 2019

Life as an expat: Are you prepared? Preparing to start a new life abroad is both exciting and stressful. Wading through the admin of renting out your house, sorting medical issues, finding schools for children, redirecting mail and so on is one thing, but preparing emotionally is something completely different. Here are our top 10 […]…

What my birthday taught me about cultural training

By Patti McCarthy
30th May 2019

Cultural appropriation is a hot topic in the news nowadays. When aspects of another culture, generally a minority one, are taken and used by celebrities for image-building, or by companies to generate profit, giving nothing back to that culture, or using objects or designs in the wrong context, it’s hardly surprising that concerns are raised.

There’s a difference, of course, between cultural appropriation and celebration of culture. If we were only to dress, eat, read and listen to music representative of our own culture, life would be very bland. But in today’s ultra-sensitive climate, in business and socially, what represents a step too far – and how can you steer clear of a cultural faux pas?…

13 ways to develop cultural diversity

By Sue Bryant
9th May 2019

The UN’s World Day for Cultural Diversity takes place on 21st May, here are 13 ways to celebrate the day and develop your own cultural awareness….

Hong Kong: 10 tips for business success when working in Hong Kong

By Sue Bryant
7th May 2019

Be sure to recognise the differences between Hong Kong Chinese and mainland Chinese and don’t make assumptions about somebody’s background and culture. Be prompt for appointments and calm and polite during meetings; overenthusiastic displays of emotion are frowned upon. Dress smartly and fashionably, taking into account the Chinese superstitions concerning blue and white, and any other colours or symbols which are regarded as inauspicious….

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