Cultural Intelligence for Virtual Working – Remote Working in Japan

By Sue Bryant
12th October 2020

Remote working, or telework, has not come as naturally to Japan as it has elsewhere, for various reasons. A collectivist society, steeped in ritual, with strict hierarchies and a daily life geared to lively after-work socializing is not the best fit for the isolation of working from home. Japanese workers have in many ways struggled […]…

Successful Remote Working in China

By Sue Bryant
30th September 2020

Like the rest of the world, China is getting used to a dramatic shift in work patterns as more companies move to either full or part-time remote working. For some, this is a relief; many Chinese face a very long commute each day. Others are not adjusting to the isolation, away from the constant reassurance of the group, and feel under pressure […]…

Cultural Intelligence for the Virtual World

By Matthew MacLachlan
8th September 2020

Needing to do business with New Zealanders? For advice and guidance on making a good impression in New Zealand you need to check out our top 10 tips. …

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