Video guide to Australia

By Terence Brake
18th July 2017

A cultural guide to Australia We are pleased to announce we have just added an in-depth guide to Australian culture in the Country Briefings section of our app. Click below to watch a preview. For more cultural intelligence sign up to a free trial of Country Navigator and immerse yourself in the culture of your […]…

Personal space: Don’t stand too close to me

By Sue Bryant
4th May 2017

When it comes to personal space across cultures our advice is to keep your distance in Canada; prepare for an abrazo (a hug) in Argentina; and if you end up on intimate terms with a Norwegian, don’t shrink away; they like to stand closer than anybody. …

Drinking etiquette around the world

By Sue Bryant
26th April 2017

Getting into the spirit Raising a glass to toast a new business deal may seem like a simple celebration. Needless to say, it’s more complex than that……

Age and seniority

By Sue Bryant
12th April 2017

When working in a cross-cultural environment, it is important to understand the context in which different cultures view age and seniority, even if these do seem like rather sweeping generalizations….

The symbolism of flowers across cultures

By Sue Bryant
13th February 2017

With Valentine’s Day approaching we ask the question – “What flowers are appropriate to give in which cultures across the World.” …

How to get texting across cultures right

By Sue Bryant
3rd February 2017

Although a casual mode of communication, texting to a business contact is nonetheless a business communication, on which you could be judged……