10 top tips: Singaporean business etiquette

By Sue Bryant
20th September 2017

Singaporeans may identify first as Singaporean before Chinese, Malay or Indian. On the surface, Singapore is a high-tech, cosmopolitan environment, fast-paced and fashion conscious. But under the veneer of gleaming skyscrapers, designer shops and expensive cars is a complex cultural melting pot, with influences from Chinese to Malay to Indian….

Understanding Germans: Top 12 tips on business etiquette

By Sue Bryant
11th September 2017

Germans have a certain reputation for being formal, punctual, direct, methodical and governed by rules. True, or stereotypical? Both, really. It’s true to say that Germans generally share a set of common cultural values. Here are 12 ways to make a good impression….

10 tips on how to work effectively with Norwegians

By Sue Bryant
6th September 2017

Norway frequently tops the league tables as one of the world’s happiest countries and one of the easiest with which to do business. Norwegians, generally, are highly educated, egalitarian, honest and straightforward. But what does it take to impress them in business?…

10 tips on how to work effectively with Indians

By Sue Bryant
24th August 2017

Indians place great value on relationships in business so it is essential to understand their rich and diverse culture, from the complex politics to the steep hierarchies in business to the influence of the family – and, of course, how to interpret the famous head wobble. Here are our top tips for doing business in India….

Personal space: Don’t stand too close to me

By Sue Bryant
4th May 2017

When it comes to personal space across cultures our advice is to keep your distance in Canada; prepare for an abrazo (a hug) in Argentina; and if you end up on intimate terms with a Norwegian, don’t shrink away; they like to stand closer than anybody. …

Drinking etiquette around the world

By Sue Bryant
26th April 2017

Getting into the spirit Raising a glass to toast a new business deal may seem like a simple celebration. Needless to say, it’s more complex than that……

Age and seniority

By Sue Bryant
12th April 2017

When working in a cross-cultural environment, it is important to understand the context in which different cultures view age and seniority, even if these do seem like rather sweeping generalizations….

The symbolism of flowers across cultures

By Sue Bryant
13th February 2017

With Valentine’s Day approaching we ask the question – “What flowers are appropriate to give in which cultures across the World.” …