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Country NavigatorTM

Country NavigatorTM is a powerful online tool that allows people to learn about working styles in over 90 business cultures, helping to ensure outstanding international collaboration.


Significantly increase your company's global effectiveness.

Significantly increase your company's global effectiveness.

  • Assess and prepare international assignees
  • Strengthen international business relationships
  • Eliminate cross-cultural communication breakdowns
  • Adapt your cultural style for immediate impact and results
  • Manage and lead global teams with confidence
  • Negotiate across the world with clearer insight and better results
Country Navigator

The best parts of Country NavigatorTM have just got better.

  • The new release of Country NavigatorTM provides:
  • Essential tips and in-depth online guidance on how to do business in over 90 countries
  • Personal Assessment - identify your dominant cultural orientations and how they impact your global working style
  • Comparison Tools - compare your profile with colleagues and receive personalised feedback
  • Flight Packs - a downloadable collection of country resources and information

Country Navigator

Country NavigatorTM Your go to tool for global skills development.

  • Team Assessments - compare and contrast cultural working styles with up to six colleagues and team members
  • Share & Collaborate - unlock the global expertise in your business by enabling your people to comment and share experiences
  • Learning Paths - a range of on demand learning paths for those that want a deeper more in-depth learning experience

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The world's most respected and successful global brands rely on Country NavigatorTM to support growth and expansion into new markets.

  • Over 1 Million users worldwide
  • Over 90 different business cultures
  • 150 contributing experts
  • 1000+ individual learning resources
  • 24/7 support

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