12 tips for working virtually in a multicultural team

By Sue Bryant
27th July 2018

You can’t beat face-to-face contact for furthering cross-cultural relationships. But sometimes it’s not always available. All over the world, the only, or the main contact people have with their remote co-workers is by conference call, or email. While technology is a wonderful thing, if this is the only method of communication you have, vital nuances can be lost in conversation, leading to the breakdown in relationships or even the failure of projects. Here are our top tips for making the most of working remotely….

11 tips on building trust across cultures

By Sue Bryant
26th March 2018

As business relationships become more global, learning to trust people from different cultures is all the more important to healthy business relationships. Different cultures sense trust in different ways. Pragmatic, task-based Americans are likely to trust someone based on their skills, their track record and their references. On the other hand, emotional South Americans and Arabs will trust someone because they like them, they have established common ground and they feel a sense of rapport. Understanding how to build – and maintain – trust is vital to business success….

New to global sales? 9 tips for sales success across cultures

By Sue Bryant
20th February 2018

The world may be shrinking in terms of ease of communication but cultural differences are still highly prominent when it comes to sales techniques. How you navigate the challenges of a local market, understand the behavior of the consumer and interpret the buying psychology of your client will make the difference between success and failure. Here are 9 pointers for anybody who is new to selling across cultures….

Negotiating: 10 tips for successful negotiations across cultures

By Sue Bryant
16th December 2017

There’s no question that negotiating is a game of wits, but this game becomes all the more intense when it happens across cultures. Negotiating comes in many styles around the world, from bartering, bidding or hard bargaining to demanding and giving concessions. Its goal may be a paper contract and a cheap deal – or a lasting relationship. Each culture has its own approach to negotiating and each employs its own tricks over the negotiating table, from storming out of the room in mock indignation to unnerving the other side with a stony, face-saving silence, or creating a distraction with humor, or stalling for time….