New survey reveals how different cultures and generations approach work

By Terence Brake
11th September 2017

New survey shows how different generations across 19 cultures approach work. The intent was to provide organizations with better generational preference data to help decision making about leadership development, technology, training, and culture-building. …

What is ‘bro culture’ and how is it impacting diversity?

By Terence Brake
10th July 2017

Bro culture is an aggressively masculine business culture primarily associated with overconfident, but inexperienced, young white males. A bro culture might not characterize a whole company, but a segment, and it might not be restricted to young white men. …

Failing in India

By Terence Brake
29th June 2017

GM recently announced it would stop selling cars in India. Can we learn anything from their experience in India? Here are 5 ways to ensure success in India….

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