Cultural Intelligence for Virtual Working – Remote Working in Japan

By Sue Bryant
12th October 2020

Remote working, or telework, has not come as naturally to Japan as it has elsewhere, for various reasons. A collectivist society, steeped in ritual, with strict hierarchies and a daily life geared to lively after-work socializing is not the best fit for the isolation of working from home. Japanese workers have in many ways struggled […]…

Successful Remote Working in China

By Sue Bryant
30th September 2020

Like the rest of the world, China is getting used to a dramatic shift in work patterns as more companies move to either full or part-time remote working. For some, this is a relief; many Chinese face a very long commute each day. Others are not adjusting to the isolation, away from the constant reassurance of the group, and feel under pressure […]…

Drinking etiquette around the world

By Sue Bryant
20th November 2018

Getting into the spirit Raising a glass to toast a new business deal may seem like a simple celebration. Needless to say, it’s more complex than that……

6 superstitions international business people should respect

By Terence Brake
12th July 2018

We all laugh at colleagues who read their horoscopes. But superstitions around the world have a tangible effect on business and on the motivation of workers. Whatever your personal opinion, it is important in any cross-cultural environment to understand how belief systems affect your colleagues, your employees – and your market.

10 tips for reducing business travel stress

By Sue Bryant
6th July 2018

While to those back home, business travel may seem like a perk, there’s no denying that it can be stressful. Hours on the road, delays, jet lag, soulless hotel rooms, difficult meetings, dealing with unfamiliar food and cultures – it’s certainly no holiday. But there are plenty of simple ways to reduce or minimize stress. Here are a few of our top tips….

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