5 interesting facts you never knew about SINGAPORE

Think you know Singaporian culture? Think again!

Did you know these interesting facts about Singapore?

  1. Singapore is very passionate about toilets. The Singapore government tabled a UN resolution to designate 19th November as the World Toilet Day
  2. Singapore is the least corrupt in Asia and the 5th least corrupt country in the world
  3. Singaporeans are collectively the fastest pedestrians on the planet
  4. Chewing gum is banned in Singapore unless you have a medical prescription
  5. Car use is heavily discouraged by the government, so car owners have to pay an additional 1.5 times the value of a car to get it certified

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Terence Brake

Terence Brake is an author in the global learning & development field and has over 20 years experience helping executives to work better across cultures.

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