Infographic: Top 10 insights to understanding British business etiquette

Apart from humour, British business etiquette is comprised of a variety of factors. The British are hard-working, driven by deadlines and the need for material gain, and they are divided by an ancient class system, the boundaries of which are blurring but nonetheless still in existence. The British like their privacy but are also obsessed with celebrity culture and gossip. They are sceptical, with a strong sense of irony. The spoken word is a minefield of nuance and understatement for anybody not familiar with British English.

Most British people are relatively well-travelled, with a strong awareness of world events. They are individualistic and nationalistic and can be pioneering and entrepreneurial. At the same time, Britons are still considered very polite and formal by the rest of the world, and are driven by a strong sense of fair play.

Our infographic on Great Britain will provide you with a snapshot of the essential things you need to know in order to foster better working relationships with the British, as well as key data and some fun facts about the country.

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British business etiquette and cultural intelligence infographic

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Terence Brake

Terence Brake is an author in the global learning & development field and has over 20 years experience helping executives to work better across cultures.

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