Country Navigator feature in HR Grapevine’s Guide to Global Mobility

Raising the profile of global mobility

We’re pleased to be featured in HR Grapevine’s Guide to Global Mobility 2017. The guide provides a 360 degree overview of the challenges and success factors for managing mobility programmes. Access the guide below and benefit from the top tips for moving employees abroad.

Here is a snippet from our feature:

Silence is golden, as the saying goes. But silence has many meanings in cross-cultural communication.

Silence can be used to intimidate; or to save face; to show respect; or it can simply suggest that the other person is relaxed enough in your company to enjoy a quiet moment. Misinterpreting the meaning of silence in different cultures, though, and you could be on your way to losing an important business deal.

There is no right or wrong way to use silence. The key to successful communication, is to understand what it means to others.

To read the full article click here.

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Sue Bryant is an award-winning writer and editor specialising in global business culture and travel.

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