Expat leadership tips when working in Japan – “Adapt. Don’t adopt.”

Can you be “too Japanese” as a foreign professional in Japan?

Apparently you can. Our senior learning consultant, Russell Harlow recently sat down for an interview with The Culture Guy. Click below to listen to Russell share how his success in adjusting to his new environment in Tokyo initially had a detrimental effect on his effectiveness as a leader of a multinational organization in Japan.

Expat leadership skills

Russell Harlow is a director of TMA World, the company behind cross-cultural assessment and e-learning tool Country Navigator. He has more than three decades of experience in working globally and across cultures.

Now based in North London, he is one of TMA World’s lead trainers on issues of global leadership and cross-cultural intelligence. Russell lived and worked in many parts of Asia, including Japan and China and has traveled throughout Southeast Asia. Before moving into his global role at TMA World, he spent ten years working as a presentation and negotiation skills consultant for European and Asian corporate clients.


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Expat leadership skills

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Laura Geaves

Laura Geaves

Having experienced globally diverse cultures within a multitude of organizations, Laura's aim is to support clients in building a borderless workforce.

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