Book Review: Cultural Chemistry by Patti McCarthy

Patti McCarthy is an expatriate & life coach who helps migrants and expatriates to not just survive the experience but actively enjoy it. Her book Cultural Chemistry is a must read for any cross-cultural worker, international business traveler and expatriate. Here’s our review of her book.

“I loved this book! It’s packed full of information, but it’s easy and enjoyable to read.   It’s written very much with the time-poor professional in mind, with stories and strategies grouped together in chapters such as Leadership, Appearances & Hierarchy and Time & Planning.  The chapter called ‘The First 5 Minutes’ was a salient reminder of how easy it is to make the wrong first impression and the chapters on communication prompt us to bear in mind that what we say isn’t necessarily what is heard.  Cultural intelligence is often billed as a soft skill, but in fact it takes many years of experience to be adept at this and Patti McCarthy has  decades of expat life under her belt, as well as years of working with expatriates from all over the world.  Her background in coaching is also evident, especially in the 4R’s coaching model she creates for this book.  The 4R’s – Rewards, Research, Reflect, Reach Out –are the ‘red thread’ that guides us through the book and in advising us to take a more informed approach to cultural differences, Cultural Chemistry  demonstrates some simple ways to avoid falling into cultural ‘gaps’.” – Russell Harlow, Director of Global Resourcing

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