The Best Countries for Expats

Prior to taking steps to move to a new country, you need to stop and really think long and hard about what, precisely, you are really looking for with your move. Are you trying to find a long-term place to enjoy entertainment? Do you need quiet space and plenty of nature to really feel at one with the earth? Or, are you just trying to move to an area of the world where it seems people may be friendly and you can be comfortable? No matter the reason, you also need to consider how an overseas move will affect your life, the life of your immediate family and also, your healthcare, education or bank account or employment needs. To help a little, you may want to consider one, or more, of the top five expat locations in the world when you are planning your move away from home.


Sweden is a very family friendly country, so if you have kids, this is going to be a great place to live the rest of your life. The country really places children’s education, healthcare and overall happiness at the top of their list of things to do within the country. You may feel a bit like an outsider, or as if you are a little odd, when you try to strike up a conversation with a local resident, but don’t take it personally if they look at you like you are crazy. Swedes are not big on small talk but once they get to know you, you will find that you have a lifelong friend who will be there for you no matter what. Chances are that you will not be able to find local work because Sweden just does not allow foreigners to work in the country, but if you are skilled with handling business online or you plan to open a new business, you will be just fine. Sweden is the perfect opportunity for freelance writers, photographers and others who are creative to stay long term and still earn a decent living while living abroad.


Australia is known for its beautiful beaches, fresh air, friendly people and outstanding quality of life. Not to mention, the year-round warmth of the sunshine and the wide array of things to do in the great outdoors. If you speak English, Australia is a great place to communicate with locals because practically everyone in the country speaks language. You may find a little difficulty at first to understand the local dialect, but after a while, you’ll find yourself laughing at the local jokes and joining in on the conversations at the local shops and lounges. In general, the population is relatively low in Australia, even in cities like Perth and Sydney and you will have plenty open space to enjoy your surroundings and really check the local scene out during your stay. You may want to be prepared for a very long stay in Australia as most people who visit, never want to leave.


If you want to relocate to a country where you can find a nice long-term job and have stability in your life, Germany is the place to be. You need to learn the language before you make your move as it will help you understand how to get around and will allow others to communicate with you when you need directions or have questions when you arrive. It also helps to make new friends when you arrive to help prevent homesickness and to really enjoy your new home. If you like to drive fast, Germany is going to be a great place for you as the highways seldom have speed limits and you can enjoy unwinding after a long day by taking a fast drive down the interstate. Germany is also a great place for baked goods and some of the best bread in the world.


Thailand is one of the most popular locations worldwide for expats to move to and it is a beautiful country to explore whether you plan to stay for a short time or want to move permanently. Be sure to read about our do’s and dont’s of greeting in Thailand before going. First, the cost of living in Thailand is extremely low when compared to the US which means that many expats can retire or relocate for far less than they would be able to in the US. The beaches are beautiful and the culture is very diverse. You will also find spacious mountains, jungles and other spectacular outdoor locations to explore. Many people speak English although it is best to try to learn the local language so you will know what street signs and business signs mean because most of those are written in Chinese. Since tens of thousands of expats have moved to Thailand however, it is usually easy to find someone standing nearby to let you know what the signs say if you don’t already know. to move to Thailand permanently, you will need to hire an international moving company to bring your belongings over and you will be required to obtain a visa to live in the country.


Nicaragua is a charming country and if you have the chance to check it out, you will find that it has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world as well as crystal clear lakes and some very spacious, and affordable homes. The cost of living is relatively low and becoming a homeowner in the country may be something you can do easily and for far less money than in the U.S. In Granada, the most popular place for expats, a spacious home with private gardens can be purchased for less than $50,000 USD. Granada caters to expats with exclusive restaurants, high end shops and lots of live entertainment and spots for social gatherings and meeting new friends. You can live comfortably in Granada on an income of less than $1000 USD monthly.

Whether you have dreams of moving to a beautiful country where you can spend days on end surfing or playing in the sand or you prefer jungles and animals or even snow and colder temperatures, there are so many choices around the world that you can check out to find the one that you feel is best for you and your personal lifestyle. Try to be patient as you look around and before you schedule an international move with a moving company, you need to thoroughly researching the country you plan to move to. You need to make sure they offer the things you need for work, education, social activities and communication before considering a move. You will also want to make sure your healthcare options are viable and that you can stay in touch easily with friends and family back in your home country.

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