Business Etiquette Around the World (Infographic)

No matter where you travel on business, you are guaranteed to encounter unique customs that govern how business is done in that particular area. International business travel is becoming increasingly common, so business people must be more cognizant than ever about how to successfully engage in cross-cultural communication.

The best way to prepare to engage in international business is to be as knowledgeable as possible about the area that you are visiting. To prepare, consider reading up on current events in the area and research the local customs to avoid making any embarrassing faux pas. If time permits, consider aiming to learn a couple of words and phrases of the country’s language to make sure you are able to communicate effectively.

Though it can seem overwhelming to do business in a new place, keep a positive attitude and handle any missteps with grace and humor! As long as you do your homework beforehand, you’ll be well on your way to making a good impression, no matter where you are doing business. Fundera created this infographic that outlines business etiquette around the world. Read on to learn success tips for international business.

Business Etiquette


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