Country Navigator: Introducing our cross-cultural training tool

Country Navigator is the market leading cross cultural training tool, offering the most intuitive platform and interactive user experience.

We’re very pleased to announce we have just launched a new video which shows how our tool, Country Navigator works. The short video will let you explore the cultural assessment and profile, cultural comparisons, country guides and briefings and our newly launched, Global Academy. This new guided learning path section of the tool offers learning specific to the user’s requirements, be that how to manage across cultures, how to work virtually in a multicultural organization or developing global collaboration and team cohesion.

You can try the tool for free right now with our 14 day trial. Click here to sign up.

About the Author

Laura Geaves

Laura Geaves

Having experienced globally diverse cultures within a multitude of organizations, Laura's aim is to support clients in building a borderless workforce.

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