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10 reasons why more cultural intelligence is needed in the pharmaceuticals industry

13th June 2019

In today’s diverse climate, cultural intelligence is everything and especially important in the pharmaceuticals industry. Why? There are several reasons. Better understanding globally of healthcare decision making means marketing can be tailored to specific groups and mindsets. Improved knowledge of how different population groups perceive health and illness is another way that pharmaceutical companies can tailor their communication….

How do leadership styles differ across cultures?

4th June 2019

Leaders today need to be able to manage across cultures. They require a high degree of emotional intelligence, both in interpreting what others really mean and in deciding how best to be effective themselves within different cultures….

6 ways a lack of cultural awareness impacts workplace productivity everyday

12th May 2019

Cultural appropriation is a hot topic in the news nowadays. When aspects of another culture, generally a minority one, are taken and used by celebrities for image-building, or by companies to generate profit, giving nothing back to that culture, or using objects or designs in the wrong context, it’s hardly surprising that concerns are raised.

There’s a difference, of course, between cultural appropriation and celebration of culture. If we were only to dress, eat, read and listen to music representative of our own culture, life would be very bland. But in today’s ultra-sensitive climate, in business and socially, what represents a step too far – and how can you steer clear of a cultural faux pas?…

How do different cultures approach decision making?

11th May 2019

When working with different cultures, it is important to understand what drives people to make decisions. Is it profit? Time? Relationships? Not only this, but it’s essential to know who makes the decisions, and what role others play. In autocratic cultures like those of Latin America, France or the Arab world, decisions tend to come from the top, while in countries with flatter management styles, like the Netherlands, Australia or Israel, consensus is important. On the other hand, some of the most apparently egalitarian cultures can have a surprisingly top-down style when it comes to making a decision. In other situations, the corporate culture may override any local cultural traits. There will always be variations on cultural stereotypes, but here here are a few general examples of decision-making style around the world.

How can employers support the LGBTQ community on international assignments?

10th May 2019

Travelling on business and living and working in another culture can be an exciting, enriching experience. But for members of the LGBTQ community, an international assignment requires far more thought and planning, whether it’s simply inviting a partner on a business trip or embarking on a whole new life abroad. An individual may be completely comfortable in their own culture, and in your corporate culture, but how will they fare in another, possibly less open-minded culture?…

13 ways to develop cultural diversity

9th May 2019

The UN’s World Day for Cultural Diversity takes place on 21st May, here are 13 ways to celebrate the day and develop your own cultural awareness….

Hong Kong: 10 tips for business success when working in Hong Kong

7th May 2019

Be sure to recognise the differences between Hong Kong Chinese and mainland Chinese and don’t make assumptions about somebody’s background and culture. Be prompt for appointments and calm and polite during meetings; overenthusiastic displays of emotion are frowned upon. Dress smartly and fashionably, taking into account the Chinese superstitions concerning blue and white, and any other colours or symbols which are regarded as inauspicious….

Ghana: 10 tips for business success when working with Ghanaians

7th May 2019

Take time to develop personal relationships and be guided by your counterpart as to when to move on to business. Expect to be asked personal questions, like ‘What religion are you?’ and answer politely. Ghanaians love to chat and put a person in context and this questioning helps them to achieve that.

Finland: 10 tips for business success when working with Finns

7th May 2019

Be prepared to make positive but not excessive comments about Finland. Finns always like to know what visitors think of their country and are actually quite insecure, so do not be critical. If you want to talk about sport, ice hockey is a national obsession, as is Formula One.

Denmark: 10 tips for business success when working with Danes

7th May 2019

You will make a good impression in Denmark if you conform and fit in. Don’t try to be different, either in your home, your dress style or your interactions with Danes. Dress smartly and conservatively and adopt a calm demeanour; Danes are not given to vigorous displays of public affection. All decisions are made by consensus and it is important to respect this. Do not go over anybody’s head and involve whole teams in decision-making processes.

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