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Cultural Intelligence for Virtual Working – Remote Working in Japan

12th October 2020

Remote working, or telework, has not come as naturally to Japan as it has elsewhere, for various reasons. A collectivist society, steeped in ritual, with strict hierarchies and a daily life geared to lively after-work socializing is not the best fit for the isolation of working from home. Japanese workers have in many ways struggled […]…

Successful Remote Working in China

30th September 2020

Like the rest of the world, China is getting used to a dramatic shift in work patterns as more companies move to either full or part-time remote working. For some, this is a relief; many Chinese face a very long commute each day. Others are not adjusting to the isolation, away from the constant reassurance of the group, and feel under pressure […]…

Cultural Intelligence for the Remote World: Virtual Working in the US

15th September 2020

More Americans than ever are working remotely in a societal shift never experienced before. For many, there are benefits of ‘WFH’; no more commuting, flexible working hours, a better work-life balance. Employers can pick the best workers, with geographical location no longer a barrier. The expense of an office can be eliminated. With tried-and-tested systems […]…

10 tips on how to make a good impression when working with Ugandans

3rd September 2019

Business in Uganda is relationship-based so take plenty of time to establish trust with Ugandan partners. Enquire politely after a counterpart’s family and health but keep questions general. Several meetings will be necessary before any business is done. Always dress smartly and always exhibit good manners. Ugandans are formal and polite and observing correct etiquette is important. Their body language and physical taboos are different from what an American or an Asian visitor might expect; handshakes may go on a very long time and a Ugandan man may take the hand of another man in a gesture of friendship or simply during conversation….

10 tips on how to make a good impression when working with Kenyans

3rd September 2019

Sociability is everything to Kenyans. Learn how to greet people respectfully and take time to chat. Do not be surprised or offended if complete strangers strike up a conversation. Accept all invitations of hospitality and return them. If you play golf, a round on a top course is one of the most popular ways of networking….

10 tips on how to make a good impression when working with Brazilians

3rd September 2019

First impressions are very important in Brazilian culture. Despite the size of the population, the business community is relatively small and the sociable nature of commerce means that word can get around very quickly. This can be either a disadvantage or an advantage depending on the success of initial meetings.

10 tips on how to do business with Mexicans

3rd September 2019

To make a good impression with Mexicans, dress smartly and sharply. Be patient, warm and compassionate if the need arises. Don’t shrink away from someone who stands too close – physical contact is stronger here than most Americans and Northern Europeans are used to.

10 tips on how to do business in Italy

3rd September 2019

Understand and embrace the concept of bella figura and you will make a good impression in Italy. This means, as well as looking good, you will come across as a sympathetic character, at the same time as being someone who can make decisions, speak eloquently and is interesting to be with socially. Turn up for appointments on time, even though your Italian colleagues may be late, and apologise profusely if you are late yourself.

Italians can relate to people who are passionate about their product, who understand the importance of design and style in a product, and who can present a good argument to back up their case during negotiations….

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