The realities of being an expat wife

By Patti McCarthy
28th April 2019

The life for the ‘trailing spouse’ – isolation and loneliness – and sometimes infidelity, these factors cause 42% of expat assignments to fail. …

How to grow your business with cultural intelligence (CQ)

By Patti McCarthy
25th April 2019

Do you work with a colleague, client or supplier from a different cultural background to your own? You may think that cultural intelligence is something that only expatriates and multi-nationals need to think about, but there are at least half a dozen ways in which becoming more culturally intelligent (more CQ) can help you to grow your business.

First of all, let’s clarify what cultural intelligence is. I see it as a combination of emotional intelligence and cultural knowledge and there is no doubt that being more CQ gives you a real advantage when it comes to working with people from other cultures, whether you are wanting to communicate, to negotiate, to buy or sell, lead or follow….

Culture intelligence: The language of the Borderless Workplace

By Chris Crosby
25th April 2019

What skills are needed when communicating across cultures? The ability to speak the language or be able to utilise the skill of cultural intelligence? The most effective and skilled managers I have observed, have displayed limited, if any, foreign language skills. What they have all possessed in abundance is the ability to communicate with empathy, demonstrate humility, and build trust. …

What does diversity mean to different generations?

By Sue Bryant
23rd April 2019

The makeup of the workplace today is very different to that of the past in terms of gender, ethnicity, attitude and behavior. The older generation can be credited with ushering in diversity. But what diversity actually means has changed – and will most likely continue to evolve as the last baby boomers retire and Generation Z enters the workforce….

12 ways universities can support international students

By Sue Bryant
23rd April 2019

It’s that time of year again, when students all over the world head off to university, many of them for the first time, to start a new life of study. For many, this is a time to make new friends, party and enjoy the novelty of life away from home. For some, though, particularly those arriving from another country or culture, university can be daunting and isolating. Overseas students make a valuable contribution to all universities, both financially and culturally. So what can universities do to help them settle in….

Expat leadership tips when working in Japan – “Adapt. Don’t adopt.”

By Laura Geaves
23rd April 2019

Apparently you can. Our senior learning consultant, Russell Harlow recently sat down for an interview with The Culture Guy. Click below to listen to Russell share how his success in adjusting to his new environment in Tokyo initially had a detrimental effect on his effectiveness as a leader of a multinational organization in Japan.

The 7 habits of highly effective expats

By Patti McCarthy
23rd April 2019

Currently 1 in 2 expatriate assignments are terminated early because the employee or their family aren’t happy. What makes the difference between success and failure as an expat? In my experience the happiest expats follow these habits. …

How to lead across cultures

By Terence Brake
20th April 2019

In the 1997 I published a book that defined four principles for creating the World-Class Organization…

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