15 cultural differences between USA and Australia

By Sue Bryant
5th December 2018

Australia and the USA have many things in common, some obvious, some more subtle. Both are large land masses, both predominantly English speaking, both with an ancient native population, both relatively recently settled by European cultures. Both are democracies and both are meritocracies. Both cultures tend to be fairly materialistic and both tend to be open to new ideas and risk in business. Australians, like Americans, are hard-working and results-orientated.

So far, so similar. But there are also big differences between the two cultures. Not necessarily in a negative way – but differences that should be observed by anybody hoping to do business….

Book Review: Cultural Chemistry by Patti McCarthy

By Russell Harlow
5th December 2018

Patti McCarthy is an expatriate & life coach who helps migrants and expatriates to not just survive the experience but actively enjoy it. Her book Cultural Chemistry is a must read for any cross-cultural worker, international business traveler and expatriate. Here’s our review of her book.

Has expatriate coaching had its day?

By Patti McCarthy
5th December 2018

The misconceptions of expatriate coaching In the light of all the international travel we do and the huge range of people from different cultural backgrounds that many of us encounter on a daily basis, is expatriate coaching really necessary anymore? The answer is Yes, Yes & Yes again! In this article, we will look at […]…

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