Cultural differences between USA and Germany

By Sue Bryant
31st October 2018

If we were to talk stereotypes, Americans may see Germans as too rigid and formal, while Germans may regard American as loud, over-familiar and sloppy in business. But are the two cultures really that far apart? Realistically speaking, no. Both cultures value teamwork, openness, honesty, cooperation, family values and hospitality. Both foster creativity and entrepreneurship, […]…

The intellectual thinking behind Country Navigator

By Laura Geaves
27th October 2018

Death is marked in so many ways around the world that an understanding of different rituals can be helpful, particularly in a cross cultural environment. It’s not death, as such, which is a universal experience, but the expression of grief that differs so much between cultures….

When businesses embrace a global mindset they get better results

By Christian
22nd October 2018

No matter whether you are expanding your business into foreign markets, trying to recruit the best candidates from a diverse talent pool, leading a multinational (and perhaps remote) team of people, or ensuring your marketing and branding messages are received in the intended way: cultural competence and having a global mindset – your ability to work and relate effectively across cultures and behavioral norms – is a key business skill….

The importance of intercultural understanding

By Terence Brake
22nd October 2018

Intercultural training is becoming more important than we might have imagined and in today’s borderless world, where cultures increasingly connect and collide, the art of finding distinctive or even unique characteristics of any national culture is becoming even harder….

7 tips for managing conflict in a multicultural workplace

By Sue Bryant
22nd October 2018

Conflict at work is wearing and demoralizing. But how to manage it – and how to perceive it – depends on the culture of the individuals concerned. Here’s our 7 tips for managing conflict in a multicultural team. …

International food rituals

By Sue Bryant
20th October 2018

Knowledge of international food rituals will help any traveler when abroad. Here are the key festivals to be aware of when traveling across cultures….

Making your diversity training effective

By Terence Brake
10th October 2018

Research shows diversity training is not counter-productive as-long-as it triggers reward rather than threat responses. …

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