10 tips for doing business in Germany

By Terence Brake
28th September 2018

Learn all about German business culture with our free guide. Prepare for your international business meetings with Country Navigator….

What people say versus what they mean

By Sue Bryant
21st September 2018

One of the challenges of cross cultural communication is understanding mixed messages. Only a very few cultures will say exactly what they mean….

How to get texting across cultures right

By Sue Bryant
13th September 2018

Although a casual mode of communication, texting to a business contact is nonetheless a business communication, on which you could be judged……

11 reasons why you need cultural awareness when learning a language

By Sue Bryant
6th September 2018

English may be the language of business globally, or almost globally, but for employees relocating abroad, this is no excuse for failing to learn the local language. In fact, even learning the language is not enough. Without cultural awareness, it’s only half the job done – akin to using an online translation tool that can interpret the words but has no notion of context. Here are a few reasons we believe language learning and cross-cultural communication training go hand-in-hand….

11 tips on how to sell to China

By Sue Bryant
5th September 2018

China is the world’s largest economy and at the same time, the world’s fastest growing consumer market. The opportunities are enormous – but the job of selling to the Chinese is complex, both culturally and logistically. Here are a few pointers for newcomers to the market.

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