10 tips for communicating with non-native English speakers

By Sue Bryant
22nd August 2018

When English is your native tongue, it’s all too easy to imagine that everybody else speaks it. Anglophones are famously lazy at learning other languages. And because they haven’t generally had to learn another language from scratch to a level of fluency sufficient for doing business, they can lack empathy with a colleague who is speaking English as a second language.

Imagine an international meeting. With English as their common language, but not their native tongue, the participants, all from different countries, speak clearly and carefully to one another, using relatively simple terminology. The Anglophones, though, speak fast, especially to one another, throwing around slang and jargon and not giving others enough time to formulate responses. As a result, they are in danger of becoming the least understood people in the room. So how can avoid your message getting lost in translation?…

The do’s and don’ts of greetings around the world

By Sue Bryant
9th August 2018

Shaking hands may seem like a perfectly normal way to greet a business contact. Not necessarily, though. What happens if the other person doesn’t offer their hand? Or if you’re a woman in a conservative Muslim culture? Or if your counterpart greets you with a bow? Here’s a quick guide to five situations in which a little business etiquette understanding of different greetings around the world can go a long way….

The Netherlands: A cultural video guide

By Terence Brake
7th August 2018

We are pleased to announce we have just added an in-depth guide to the Netherlands culture in the Country Briefings section of our app. Click below to watch a preview. For more cultural intelligence sign up to a free trial of Country Navigator and immerse yourself in the culture of your choice….

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