8 tips on how to impress senior leaders across cultures

By Sue Bryant
26th June 2018

The dilemma is a common one. You’re dealing with leaders at the highest level and you want to impress. But how do you achieve this without appearing too aggressive, or too timid, or even disrespectful? Knowing a little about the individual helps, of course, as does doing your homework on the company culture. But in a broader context, you also need to understand the national culture and how it affects the role of leadership….

20 tips for doing business in Germany

By Sue Bryant
22nd June 2018

You will make a good impression by coming across as an expert in your subject, who has thoroughly researched the German market and is able to answer detailed technical questions. You will be smartly dressed, a straight-talker, efficient and decisive. Academic qualifications impress Germans.

Germans are very private people and it takes time to build personal relationships, particularly with the formal setup in most offices. You will find them polite and sometimes a little distant, but open and direct when they want to make a point. It is important to recognize this as a typical way of communicating….

10 essential tips for working with Indians

By Sue Bryant
20th June 2018

Indians place great value on relationships in business so it is essential to understand their rich and diverse culture, from the complex politics to the steep hierarchies in business to the influence of the family – and, of course, how to interpret the famous head wobble.

What does diversity mean to different generations?

By Sue Bryant
18th June 2018

The makeup of the workplace today is very different to that of the past in terms of gender, ethnicity, attitude and behavior. The older generation can be credited with ushering in diversity. But what diversity actually means has changed – and will most likely continue to evolve as the last baby boomers retire and Generation Z enters the workforce….

11 cultural differences between France and the US

By Sue Bryant
7th June 2018

You could argue that two nations couldn’t be further apart in culture – the fast food, fast paced United States versus the formal, old-school French. It’s true that there are many potential clashes but on the other hand, there are many successful business relationships between America and France, too. Here are a few cultural factors for both sides to consider….