How do different cultures approach learning?

By Sue Bryant
11th April 2018

One of the most interesting aspects of working in a cross-cultural team is the diversity of ideas and approaches that it brings. People from different cultures tackle problem solving in very different ways, for example. There may also be a great range of styles in dealing with authority, or giving and receiving feedback.

Much of this stems from the education system that shaped the individual. While stereotypes need to be avoided, here are a few clues as to why different cultures have such varied approaches to learning….

How do different cultures view smoking?

By Sue Bryant
3rd April 2018

In countries like Britain and the USA, where there is a strong anti-smoking lobby, non-smokers resent the lengthy cigarette breaks taken by smoking colleagues. Smoking is socially isolating, unless you happen to have a lot of smoking colleagues, in which case, the smokers in a group will form an instant bond. But in many cultures, smoking is part of daily life. You will not win friends in business if you sit in front of your client fanning the air and coughing pointedly. Here are some examples of smoking culture around the world….