2018 Best Countries Report

By Terence Brake
25th January 2018

New report out ranking the top 10 countries for 2018. The report also includes the most popular and least popular politicians of the moment….

3 Resources for Managing Unconscious Bias

By Terence Brake
11th January 2018

The fact that we have unconscious biases has profound implications. When we make decisions about who gets a job, a promotion, or high profile assignment, we are very likely adding subliminal thoughts and feelings that have no basis in fact….

Recruiting across cultures    

By Sue Bryant
9th January 2018

Each culture has its own rules and procedures for interviewing. To get the best out of candidates you must respect their own cultures and norms. …

Understanding approaches to time

By Sue Bryant
2nd January 2018

Do you work in a monochronic or polychronic culture? Understanding the differences between these two can be vital….

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