Expat Experience: Bruno Ribeiro (Brazil)

By Terence Brake
14th November 2017

Introducing our new regular feature, Expat Experience. Each time we feature an interview with a international assignee who shares their first hand experiences of expat life….

11 tips for making a good impression in Uganda

By Sue Bryant
10th November 2017

Uganda has successfully transformed itself from a country with a troubled past into one of Africa’s most stable and investment-friendly economies, with one of the largest consumer markets in East Africa. Kampala, the capital, is home to many multinational companies. Yet there are many dichotomies within this beautiful country. Extreme wealth and abject poverty; a surprisingly liberal attitude to some topics but a rigid stance against homosexuality that has been deeply condemned by other nations. Ugandans are friendly and welcoming, but there are things to bear in mind if you want to make a good impression….

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