Should we celebrate cultural similarities rather than focus on differences?

By Sue Bryant
25th October 2017

We talk a lot about cultural differences; identifying them, observing them, trying to work around them. But what about finding common ground with other cultures in business instead? Trying to discover cultural similarities and to use these as a basis for a working relationship can often be a more positive approach in a cross-cultural environment. Here are a few points to consider.

How to achieve business success in the UK: 10 tips and strategies

By Sue Bryant
24th October 2017

Britain is arguably characterized by more stereotypes than any other nation: red phone boxes, warm beer, Beefeaters, black cabs. And its people, with their stiff upper lip and mysterious class system.

Needless to say, many of these are either obsolete or on the edge of obscurity as old traditions make way for new technology and multiculturalism. But how do you make a good impression if you want to do business with enigmatic Brits? Here are our top ten tips….

The power of first impressions across cultures

By Patti McCarthy
20th October 2017

Currently 1 in 2 expatriate assignments are terminated early because the employee or their family aren’t happy. What makes the difference between success and failure as an expat? In my experience the happiest expats follow these habits. …

Country Navigator: Introducing our cross-cultural training tool

By Laura Geaves
13th October 2017

Country Navigator is the market leading cross cultural training tool, offering the most intuitive platform and interactive user experience. We’re very pleased to announce we have just launched a new video which shows how our tool, Country Navigator works. The short video will let you explore the cultural assessment and profile, cultural comparisons, country guides […]…

Making your diversity training effective

By Terence Brake
10th October 2017

Research shows diversity training is not counter-productive as-long-as it triggers reward rather than threat responses. …

Best countries for professional women

By Sue Bryant
8th October 2017

If you’re female, ambitious, value a work-life balance but feel there’s something lacking in your life, you’d be best off looking for a job in Sweden. …

How to achieve business success in Hong Kong: 10 tips and strategies

By Sue Bryant
6th October 2017

Hong Kong: Bridging the gap Fast paced, busy Hong Kong is the bridge between China and the West. Yet doing business here is not quite the same as it is on the mainland – and at the same time, not as ‘westernised’ as you might think. Hong Kong Chinese are inherently different from those in […]…

Surface and deep culture differences

By Terence Brake
4th October 2017

When we start working with someone we notice the surface level cultural differences. Over time we become aware of the deeper cultural differences….

Teach the relevant skills in your business training to see your global teams rise

By Christian
4th October 2017

Which competencies are the most in demand for international business? And what type of business training do companies need to invest in to ensure their talent pool is equipped with the competencies required to succeed in markets around the world? These are questions which continue to come up in the conversations with our clients. Consequently, the next […]…