10 tips on how to work effectively with Indians

By Sue Bryant
24th August 2017

Indians place great value on relationships in business so it is essential to understand their rich and diverse culture, from the complex politics to the steep hierarchies in business to the influence of the family – and, of course, how to interpret the famous head wobble. Here are our top tips for doing business in India….

Cosmopolitanism and Business

By Terence Brake
14th August 2017

“Cosmopolitan” is a term that has become embroiled in the nationalist vs. globalist debate. Doing the international job that I do, I always looked at “being cosmopolitan” as something of a complement. It suggested that I had a worldwide rather than a provincial viewpoint. Now that view makes me part of the “liberal elite”, an enemy in the eyes of some; someone who undermines national, religious, and cultural allegiances….

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