Failing in India

By Terence Brake
29th June 2017

GM recently announced it would stop selling cars in India. Can we learn anything from their experience in India? Here are 5 ways to ensure success in India….

How to deal with business travel rage

By Sue Bryant
25th June 2017

The reality of business travel If you encounter business travel on a regular basis you will testify that globetrotting for work is no holiday. Things often go wrong. When there is a real fiasco, like a cancelled flight, the default behavior of most travelers is to shout and rage. But the best way to get what […]…

Top 10 Most Innovative Countries in 2017

By Terence Brake
21st June 2017

Bloomberg’s Innovation Index ranks countries by 7 different factors. Here’s the top 10 most innovative countries and what it takes to make that list….

Want to be a better intercultural trainer? Go virtual

By Terence Brake
1st June 2017

If you’re a trainer and scared to try virtual classrooms, don’t hesitate – it will make you a better trainer. Here’s 4 things you need to know about starting virtual training. …