Doing Business in Australia: A Multicultural Engine of Growth

By Terence Brake
17th May 2017

Shared Anglo roots with Australia give us the false impression that we know the country. When doing business across cultures we must always try to go deeper than common stereotypes. Stereotypes never impress….

Failure: Busting the taboo

By Sue Bryant
4th May 2017

Dealing with failure, and learning from it, is in many cases the key to success. Yet understanding failure, and the way it is perceived, is important when working in a cross-cultural environment. Different cultures have completely opposing attitudes to failure….

Global analysis of English language skills

By Terence Brake
3rd May 2017

The survey monitors the English language skills of each country and provides interesting analysis of high to low proficiency across the world. It’s important to use this data to gain a deeper understanding of your English speaker counterparts across the world, however try not to make assumptions based on data alone. …

Turkey: A good place for doing business?

By Terence Brake
2nd May 2017

In a deeply divided nation like Turkey follow this simple guideline – it is probably best to avoid discussions of politics (particularly the EU) and religion….