Are you ready for culturally aware robots?

By Terence Brake
22nd February 2017

Two academic institutions in the UK are teaming up with a Japanese AI company to develop the world’s first culturally aware robots….

International food rituals

By Sue Bryant
20th February 2017

Knowledge of international food rituals will help any traveler when abroad. Here are the key festivals to be aware of when traveling across cultures….

How cultural intelligence saved a million brains

By Terence Brake
15th February 2017

This is a story of how a professor applied cultural intelligence to a major health issue and abolished Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDD) throughout the developing world….

Quiz: Test your Global Literacy

By Terence Brake
14th February 2017

A recent survey on Global Literacy “revealed significant gaps between what young people understand about today’s world and what they need to know to successfully navigate and compete in it.”…