We work with academic institutions to engage and support international students

Delivering cross-cultural awareness in higher education


Cultural intelligence is now a critical component of academic life

Today’s universities and colleges of higher education are at the forefront of developing talent for tomorrow’s workplace. They are also highly diverse communities, helping students, faculty and staff thrive. But only if they work and interact well together.

Country Navigator has been successfully integrated into curriculums and student induction programmes around the world to demonstrably improve the daily engagement in university life for all.

Cultural Intelligence solutions for:

  • Students
  • Admissions and international marketing teams
  • Faculty and course programmes
  • Librarians and digital learning content

Foreign student support programme: Country guides, cultural assessments and learning pathways help students prepare and successfully adjust to their new environment.

Course content, pathways and tools: Specialised academic packs provides faculty and tutors with a complete range of lesson plans, resources and tools to incorporate Country Navigator as part of their programmes and courses.

Admissions training and support: Helping admissions, marketing and alumni teams develop the intercultural knowledge and skills to promote their services on a global stage.

Cultural experts and training support: Our network of cultural experts and instructional designers are available to support programme design and workshop delivery – online and face-to-face.

Case Studies

IE Business School

The online and mobile tool is available for all international team members at IE, including faculty and admissions to ensure they appreciate and understand the complexity of their diverse student body and serve their needs to deliver the best student experience possible.

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