Turn cultural diversity into your
competitive advantage

Work effectively across cultures with our online training tool

Our cross cultural training tool allows you to develop better relationships with customers and colleagues by understanding their culture – a fundamental part of their identity.

Each culture has a unique approach to risk, teamwork, decision making and leadership. When these views aren’t appreciated in the workplace issues can arise.

Intercultural training and cultural awareness allows global leaders and managers to appreciate the cultural dynamics of their teams and help them to work together in harmony, creating more productivity and ultimately greater business success.

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Country Navigator supports leaders, managers, and individual contributors to work effectively across cultures:

Global Managers

  • Manage multicultural teams
  • Communicate effectively across multicultural teams
  • Improve cross-cultural understanding and collaboration

Global Workers

  • Expand into new global markets
  • Pitch effectively across cultures
  • Improve relationships with colleagues, customers and suppliers

Global Assignees

  • Settle international assignees into new cultures

Explore our list of features

How to use Country Navigator


Assess your personal cultural tendencies and behaviours across nine dimensions


Invite colleagues and compare your cultural profiles to gain personalized guidance on how to manage cultural differences


Explore 20 country guides and gain insights into international business etiquette


Explore guided learning paths and gain cultural insights through video, interactive learnings assets and quizzes

Country Navigator is used by global managers and leaders, international travellers and global assignees across 75% of Fortune 500 companies.

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